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Zodiac Signs Meanings and How to Use Them As we mentioned before, the zodiac signs are often both entertaining, while also their archetypal nature helps give us a sense of purpose and understanding about the roles that we play in the universe. Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Sign up to our mailing list download. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic.

Faith Sep 13, Well all the zodiac signs of my family are true,so thanks a lot. Larrissa Mar 14, Love learning about this stuff.. Right on his due date.

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He will be 9 in a few days.. I love astrology and like to see if my son posses the same characteristics of his sign, cuz I already see an amazing intuition in him that blows my mind. Linali Mar 06, Thanks, really love everything about Libra. Jasmine Mar 06, But other than that this is a great website to use.

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12 Zodiac Signs & What They Mean - Astrology Charts

Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. The signs of the zodiac. Zodiac is the twelve astrological signs each named for a constellation. Meanings of the Zodiac Signs Capricorn December January 20 - People who are born under this sign are considered to be quite intelligent. They also display a lot of patience, and they will go to great lengths to achieve their goals.

Therefore, Capricorns tend to be very well suited to handling business situations. Aquarius January February 19 - Those individuals born under this sign have been called "simple. This quality allows them to be honest, loyal, and dependable. Two other positive attributes of the Aquarius individual are that he or she is quite smart and rather independent. Pisces February March 20 - Pisces shares a couple of qualities with Aquarius. Both are honest and both are low key.

They do not like to draw attention to themselves. People who are born under this sign are usually generous and passionate towards other people and their goals. Aries March April 19 - An Aries will go after what he or she wants, since these individuals possess a great deal of drive and ambition. They tend to blend in well with other people due to their sociable and humorous nature. Furthermore, they are creative and strong willed, although they tend to keep feelings for others under wraps. Taurus April May 19 - People born under this sign are often associated with the stubborn bull.

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However, they also have a great deal of strength in both the mental and physical capacities. These highly intelligent people often become good diplomats due to their communication and multitasking skills. They are fun-loving, witty, flexible and open-minded people with whom you can never get bored. Emotional, loyal and fiercely protective.

12 Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates, Meanings and Compatibility

This is what Cancer people are. They are extremely generous and expressive when it comes to showing love. Being a water sign, they change their moods often and tend to be clingy. They are the most hardworking and wise signs among all the astrological signs. Due to their sensitive nature, they easily get hurt and are extremely protective and conservative. Cancerians love to attend parties and can be seen attending every social gathering. These intuitive people know what they want and never heed to anyone but their own gut feeling.

Romance and love are what they crave.

List of 12 Zodiac Signs - Dates, Meanings, Symbols

Leo — a fierce ruler with a generous heart. Yes, this is what you may see in Leo people.

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They are born leaders and love to be in the spotlight. People born under this sign are friendly, social, outgoing and creative. They can easily charm anyone and attract people towards them. Ruled by the Sun, Leos are bright and full of life. You may always see them enjoying life, entertaining people and working on the forefront. They know how to excel in every field. In love, Leos are passionate, loyal and faithful. People born under this sign are modest, caring, reliable and nurturing. They love details and have an exceptional memory. Their curious nature makes them investigate everything and observe what people often miss out.

They are highly adaptable and can learn anything very quickly. Virgos are good with money and not known to make unprofitable business.

Zodiac Signs: All About The 12 Horoscope Signs

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos tend to be intellectual and highly rational people. They seek perfection and perform every task wholeheartedly with no flaw in it. Virgos are too conscious about hygiene that they are always cleaning something or worrying about their physical appearance. Ruled by Venus, Librans are romantic, flirty and charming individuals. They know the trick to spread happiness and observe emotions. However, they are heart breakers and often fall into flings. They are unpredictable at work and can be seen constantly working or doing nothing. Despite this, they are quick, rational, fair and most civilized of all astrological signs.

Like the symbol, these people are poised, calm and balance in every situation. Luxury and pleasure are the keywords for these Venus descendants. Scorpions are passionate, charming and if betrayed can turn to be a fierce avenger.