October 14 planets align astrology

This is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Scales. We have a chance to build our negotiating skills without compromising our principles or needs, and without resorting to appeasement. With this potent Libra energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. This is an ideal time to work on these skills. Libra has an innate ability for, and love of, synthesizing opposites. This New Moon brings fresh and creative energy into our lives, and more specifically, into our relationships. This is a cycle in which balancing our close personal relationships becomes an urgent desire.

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This phase of the Moon occurred at 15 degrees and 48 minutes of Libra, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 12 to 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn most significantly. Libra rules relationships with others as mirrors of ourselves. Meeting others halfway, compromise, and negotiation come under the rule of Libra.

The focus is now on balance—finding balance and harmony through relationships with others and through art. Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. However, life is not always peaceful with Libra in its attempt to restore balance. Decision-making can be more challenging while the Sun is in Libra. Libra weighs both sides of any situation, and sometimes this process seems endless! In Libra, the Sun is concerned about not rocking the boat and not rubbing others the wrong way. Tactfulness, style, tolerance, and sociability are some of the keywords for Libra. On the shadow side, Libra can be self-serving, indecisive, passive-aggressive, and superficial.

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When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence. Looking for motivations—the more deeply buried the better—satisfies an intellectual need now. Our thoughts are profound. We throw away superficial manners of communicating in favor of deep conversations. Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive.

Deeply passionate relations are the focus with Venus in Scorpio. This is a highly emotional position for Venus. It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Our relationships are immensely important to us, and we may even feel that they consume us. In fact, we tend to want to be consumed by them!

Our drive is toward intense closeness, but blind faith in our partners is extremely hard for us now. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up our own power to others are strong. Disdain for mediocrity and superficiality can compel us to create crises in order to feel alive and vital. Dynamic yet erratic energy levels, achieving our goals through hit or miss tactics, and impersonal expression of anger are characteristics of Mars in Aquarius.

We are team players—cooperative and less concerned about personal power. We are attracted to unconventional methods and tend to approach problems from an intellectual, detached perspective. We approach money and personal possessions in new ways and learn how to free ourselves from certain material constraints. Innovative ways to make ourselves comfortable emerge. There can be abrupt changes with money, valuables, possessions, and income that lead to a reshuffling of priorities or values. Income might come from non-traditional sources or ventures. New ways of doing business, as well as making, viewing, and handling money are likely.

Income and the energy we put into making money can be variable. The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives or even our personalities , and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries.

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If a relationship becomes too settled or predictable, we may crave more intensity and catalytic experience. Jealousies, fears of betrayal, and power games are the shadow side of Venus in Scorpio. We may easily become obsessed with a fear that our partners might be betraying us, or that they are not as consumed and dedicated to the relationship as us.

This week: Venus is retrograde again this week. Venus is retrograde from October 5-November Retrograde Venus aligns with Mercury on Monday, the 15th. Nevertheless, Venus is still retrograde, and there can be some hesitancy when it comes to commitment or deeply loving connections.

This can be a time for analyzing our past so that we can understand the present, particularly when it comes to our commitments, relationships, and satisfaction.

Passion, jealousy, possession: these are the kinds of experiences that can flow from the intensity that courses through you at one level or another now — voracious. Favors romantic and sexual relationships. Intense passions. Passions run high under this influence.

This Week in Astrology: October 14 to 20, 2018

Sexual tensions and competitiveness are possible, and there can be conflicts that arise from distinct differences between romantic and sexual needs. There is an air of competitiveness under this influence, which need not be difficult. It can be stimulating, creative, passionate, and invigorating. Favors playfulness in love and enhanced communication between partners.

A congenial time when we appreciate diplomacy and socialize more readily. Relationships are stabilized and steady, although feelings are expressed reservedly, formally, or sparingly. A new sense of realism in existing partnerships. Relationships begun under this influence possess a distinctly practical theme, almost as if the partnership is a business endeavor.

Venus parallel Jupiter We are charitable with others and have a stronger desire than usual to find meaning in our relationships. There may be some overstating or overindulgence now, however. Good relating is the focus, although some may find this energy superficial in that surface charm, diplomacy, and harmony is the goal. Mercury semi-square Jupiter. We experience information overload, and we neglect to consider details. People tend to exaggerate today. Monotonous mental tasks are harder to take under this influence. Our minds are restless.

See below for day-by-day forecasts and planets in signs. See also Transit to Transit aspects. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day — Astrology Cafe. See the Transits for Here and Now chart wheel. The Astrology of — Overview page is in the works. See also the new Astrology Trends Calendar that includes these daily trends overviews and other astrological events such as ingresses, stations, and lunations. Today is good for solving problems, learning new things, teaching and sharing, and creating order. Offering advice, guiding, and counseling can fare particularly well. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Libra, aligning with Venus and Mercury, and we seek pleasurable activities.

However, as the day advances, the gracious side of Libra comes into full bloom. As we head toward a Venus-Pluto square, however, feelings are complicated although what emerges now may very well be important to address. We should avoid the temptation to manipulate others and situations to have our way. This transit can accentuate or stimulate our insecurities, bringing suspicions and jealousies to the surface. Our fears of betrayal or of being in the dark about a matter are working close to the surface. It can be too easy to trigger sensitive points, but what works us up can be very revealing to those of us on a journey of self-discovery.

We should be conscious of a tendency to act in a compulsive or demanding way towards others. The Moon spends the day in Scorpio. We seek out emotionally satisfying and involving activities and challenges. Under the influence of a Scorpio Moon, we tend to see through pretenses, and we read between the lines rather than accept everything at face value. Good energy is with us for connecting, research, and purposeful work.

This can be a time for finding wisdom in traditional methods and a strong time for bringing structure and robust design to our projects. Our judgment is sound. The Sagittarius Moon is brave and a tad restless, seeking new experiences. A semi-sextile between Mercury and Mars suggests some tendency toward either indecision or the rushing of decisions. We may not have an easy time putting our ideas into action.

Pluto stations as it turns direct after retrograde motion since April 24th, adding intensity to all that we do and feel today and this week. Over the coming weeks and months, our power to make profound changes in our lives is increasingly externalized and becomes more insistent and direct. We are less likely to brood over changes that we feel have been thrust upon us and more likely to take things into our own hands and make necessary changes.

Mercury enters Scorpio today, and during this cycle, our thoughts and conversations are probing and intense. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all things hidden or undercover. We throw away superficial manners of communicating in favor of deep conversations. Scorpio is exceptionally sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking tends to be one-track minded and perhaps obsessive.

Mercury usually spends about three weeks in a sign. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Sagittarius, aligning with Jupiter, and expanding our feelings and stimulating our need to explore and discover.

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Mars enters Libra today and will stay in the sign until November 19th. We may be indirect in our approach and should watch for passive-aggressiveness during this cycle.

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With a minor challenging aspect between Mercury and Neptune this morning, we may perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. Whatever project or initiative started around the New Moon is now off the ground, and it may face its first obstacles.

The Moon spends the day in resourceful, sensible, and earthy Capricorn. Mercury is quincunx Chiron and semi-square Jupiter today, and it can be hard to read the intention behind the words used to communicate now, which can lead to minor misunderstandings. We may feel a little overwhelmed with information or, on the other side of things, overlook essential details. Creating order is the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment.

We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. The tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations. Decisions do not come easily. Seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for hesitation. Fear of losing others' approval is another.

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The Moon in Libra generally favors the following activities: Relationship and partnership issues, activities involving teamwork and cooperation, activities that involve self-examination, activities related to beauty. Intensity is what the Moon in Scorpio is all about. Whether it's passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level.

We are motivated by the desire to get to the bottom of things, and we instinctively read between the lines. Superficiality won't work for us now. The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power, and it's an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits. It can be an intimate and passionate time. Avoid manipulative tactics, brooding, and suspiciousness. The Moon in Scorpio generally favors the following activities: Taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, psychological examinations, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things.

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The Moon is at her most optimistic and upbeat in Sagittarius. We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key. We may also be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. We don't want to plan ahead, and prefer to "wing it". The Moon in Sagittarius generally favors the following activities: Adventurous activities that involve "winging it", travel, higher education, starting publishing projects, advertising, sports, physical activity.

We become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead. We also instinctively are aware of the limitations of time. We are motivated by a desire for success.

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Achievement and manifestation are most important to us now. We are resourceful and don't want to waste time, energy, or resources. Water people are said to be too emotional, but their sensitivity and fragility make them perfect therapists, helping those with deep emotional problems. Water standing alone is magical and dreamy, but without direction, it could leave us spinning in circles without finding our way. Earth is the basis for our existence and materialization of our desires. But it is stiff and unmovable, needing air for balance.

Lacking earth makes finding grounding difficult. Earth signs value material things and hard work, making plans and putting them into action. Unbalanced earthlings must change routines and stop questioning their decisions. They should take coffee breaks, walk aimlessly, and socialize. They need people who change places and ambitions. Their best exercise is a spontaneous dance with a relaxed partner. Share Flipboard Email.